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In A Nutshell:

Binaeshee-Quae (Loon Clan) is a singer, song & story writer, actor & community arts enthusiast from the North shore of Lake Superior. Exploring ways of expression and connection is the heart of their art.

Binaeshee-Quae has been singing since she can remember, but her mother claims since birth; “My Mom tells me when I was a baby, she would hold me & sing one steady note and I would sing back. She swears we harmonized...mothers don’t exaggerate, right?”. 

Binaeshee-Quae’s music is often described as haunting; the sound swaying between root and bud with onomatopoeically crafted lyrics. Their first full-length album “Ooof” was released in 2013 & is planning a follow-up release in the coming year.

Passionate about community arts; Binaeshee-Quae has been involved as an artist, presenter, mentor, workshop facilitator, and volunteer since 2009, where they assist and lead in music, theatre, movement, and visual arts activities.

Currently, Binaeshee-Quae is working "close to home". Unearthing the meeting place for their music, traditional storytelling, and the remembering of Anishnabemowin.

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